Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Always lots going on, although it sounds like the next few weeks will be a bit calmer. Last week, I celebrated my 25th birthday and enjoyed a cake baked by Pong and decorated by volunteer Jessica Sun.

Our new graduate student, Anne Warner, arrived and helped us clean up the boathouse for two mornings. Anne and I went out in our little Red Whaler with acting deputy manager Greg Goldsmith to work on boating, which was a lot of fun on a beautiful day. We did yet another round of bivalve recruitment - our fourth so far this summer, so Kate and I are getting very tired of it. Anne is resuming her "favorite activity" from her winter visit: digging holes in the beach for water monitoring! Hopefully she won't have to dig 9 ft deep this time!

We had the ship Dove (a contractor ship to the SBX-1, a missile detection platform) and a Coast Guard ship the Walnut here for a few days, so it was good to see some old friends. Kate even managed to find a way to Kure on the Walnut as cook to some contractors on board for a few days - we're looking forward to hearing her stories and seeing her photos - I'm so jealous!!!

Fourth of July festivities included a night biking/running race on the runway, a "slow bike race" on the Cargo Pier (both won by Greg Goldsmith!), a feast with steak, hamburgers, and king crab, and a party with lots of games, alcohol, and performances by the Chugach band! At right, Anne beat Brett to make it to the finals of the slow bike race. At left, FWS volunteer Jessica Sun and Chugach Transportation worker Tawan joined the band briefly.

Sunday, the festivities continued with the tri-weekly poker, but on the beach this time! The albatrosses seemed a bit confused as the game took place between two areas they use as runways! The game was interrupted when rain showers forced the game inside, but a beautiful rainbow provided adequate compensation!

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Happy belated birthday!